There are 4 types of buyers:

Your Path to purchase

The 9 steps to buy.

Regardless of the type of home buyer, here are the necessary steps to take. Purchasing a property can be overwhelming. Contact us we’d love to hear how we can help make your home buying dreams come true!

Remember, there are a ton of incentives that can minimize or even grant the amount required to purchase.

Step 1

Budget & Save Up

Step 2

Get pre-approved

Step 3

Call us

Step 4

Make an offer

Step 5

Finalize the deal

Step 6

Home insurance

Step 7

Set up utilities

Step 8

Sign at your lawyers

Step 9

Possession Day!

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Enhance your knowledge on buying:

9 Steps to Buy

As a First Time Home Buyer, where do you start? There is so much information out there that finding the

Get pre-approved

This is the step you get your financial situation inspected by a mortgage broker who then determined what type of treasure you can afford, and based on this information you can draw the perfect treasure map. In the bizz that is called purchasing power and it’s a vital step.

Need a great mortgage broker? We can set you up with the perfect one.

Now, based on your treasure map and your purchasing power, you are now ready to call us. You are ready for step 3!

Budget & Save Up

Buying a house is like looking for treasure, except you know where the treasure is because you drew up the map, and you drew up the map with the help of pro’s.

First stop on this budget is to know how much a home costs or even a down payment on a home. We guarantee that buying a home is a lot more affordable than what you might have heard. To give you an idea, in Saskatchewan the minimum down payment on a home is 5%, that means you only need $6,500 for a $130,000 home! There are also a ton of incentives that can minimize or even grant the amount required to purchase.

Remember, there are also a ton of incentives that can minimize or even grant the amount required to purchase. It is always a good idea to get in touch with us to start that conversation early.

Call Us

Every treasure hunter needs a guide, and that is where we come in. We will stick with you from when you get pre-approved right up until you are settled in your new home. We have been guiding buyers through the high seas of real estate since ’87, we know the in’s and out’s of the business. We are ready to help you negotiate for the best deals, ensure your protection and ultimately help you find that gem of a home.

We do all of this from the palm of your hand, how? We have an app, where we match your criteria with our available homes database. This way you can have plenty of options to choose from and never miss out on the new homes that come up on the market. We send these directly to you.

Make an offer

As with treasure hunting, simply because you are standing on the X that marks the spot, doesn’t mean you have the treasure, you still have to dig. With buying a home, this means making an offer, and making an offer means paperwork containing the price, conditions (such as home inspections), deposit and possession date. We happen to be the best at paperwork, just saying. After all the paperwork is done, we present the offer to the seller’s agent. Kind of like speaking to the owner of the beach your treasure is on. They have a choice to accept, reject or even counter your offer.

Finalize the deal

With an accepted offer, we then contact the mortgage broker (remember them?) to get final approval of your financing from them (see why step 1 is, well, step 1?). We also pull the title on the property and organize things like the home inspection. Pro Tip: Only make an offer that is conditional upon the outcome of a home inspection. Once we are happy with all the conditions then we can remove the conditions as stated in the offer, thus finalizing the sale and boom, you have dug up the treasure.

Home insurance

Home insurance is a must! Most of the time it is mandatory but it is important all of the time. Home insurance protects your lender’s investment from loss or damage caused by risks that are covered by the insurance, such as fire or vandalism. Psst… we can help you find the perfect home insurance. Pop us a DM.

Set up utilities

Washing the beach sand out of your treasure chest is like setting up your utilities. We recommend that you set it up at least 4 days before you move in. To make you life so much easier you can head over to which conveniently does all of the connection, transfer and disconnection of residential services for everything, we mean everything. From your necessary utilities (water, electricity, gas) to things like the telephone and security services. It even updates your address for everything. Before possession, we have our famous 4 step check list to make sure everything you need is set for your arrival.

Sign at your lawyers

Your real estate lawyer will walk you through all the necessary paperwork to ensure that property taxes are organized and most importantly, the house is transferred into your name, this is all done after you have paid the agreed upon down payment by certified cheque. The lawyer will also ask you whether you have home insurance. Like we said in Step 6 its super important.

Possession day

This is sortoff like when you get to flaunt the dug up treasure for the first time, only you get to live in the treasure, and the treasure is a house. After the lawyer has completed all the paperwork and have handed you the keys to your new home, then you have gained legal possession. Bring all your family and friends and celebrate your new home. Congratulations!